In this competitive business environment where the impact of technology is profoundly manifested in every aspect of every-day life, there is a strong need for companies not only to appreciate but to effectively incorporate the new technological developments into their business functions, in order to:

-Provide high quality services to their customers
-Develop and extend their operations
-Excel in the new global environment

AEOLIKI Ltd is the perfect partner in this Quest for Excellence, since its expertise and know how will help you visualise the roadmap towards Technological... read more


Project Development and Financing
AEOLIKI applies an interdisciplinary approach to the study, design and implementation of services in which specific arrangements of our specialists and state of the art technologies take actions to provide the highest value for the project.

Consulting Services,
AEOLIKI provides a comprehensive range of high quality consulting services in Technical, Management and Business matters, assisting customers across an entire Project Life cycle form Inception to Implementation.

Training Programmes and Services
The new globalised business environment is becoming increasingly dynamic. As a consequence a wide range of skills is vital to keep pace with development within the ever-changing industries. AEOLIKI can help any organisation to develop and enhance its skills with the training it needs at its own pace. AEOLIKI offers a wide range of Training programmes and Services either on a general or a custom made basis.

Project Management Services
giving the confidence to customers that their project whether large or small is being managed to plan and to budget. Project Management will deal with the major disciplines of planning, monitoring, control and reporting as well as ensuring that the customer’s business interests are effectively maintained.

Hydrocarbon exploitation
providing services in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment, Management and Monitoring, and Health & Safety Management and Monitoring

Business Development and Technology Brokerage Services

Legislation Registry and DataBase
AEOLIKI prepared an Environmental Legislative, Permits and Consent Plan aiming to provide a detailed description of the national, legal and administrative framework relevant to potential development projects in the country as well as to inform any interested party of the relevant environmental permits required. The Environmental Legislative, Permits and Consent Plan can serve as guidance during the planning, construction, commissioning, operational and decommissioning phases of the projects development to ensure that any involved party will obtain all the necessary permits and be aware of all applicable legislation.