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AEOLIKI Ltd offers a complete solar farm reflection evaluation  to assess the impact of specular solar reflections from the photovoltaic panels onto nearby locations surrounding the solar farm. Specular reflections are mirror-like reflections from smooth surfaces, and occur from common objects such as office building windows, water surfaces and car windows. Specular reflections of interest in the development of solar farms are the ones where a person can see an image of the Sun reflected from a solar panel. This will only occur under limited conditions. To see a reflected image of the Sun from a panel requires a particular alignment of a person, a panel, and the Sun, and a cloud-free sky near the Sun.

At many locations surrounding the solar farm it is not possible to see a specular reflection of the Sun from the solar panels. For example, locations directly north of the solar farm and near ground level typically don’t have solar specular reflections. To assess the impact of reflections AEOLIKI applies an in-house developed tool, which takes the following approach.

  1. Using existing layout information, identify key observation points where solar reflections can occur and could be considered problematic (such as airplane approaching or departure tracks, nearby public roads);
  2. Identify the various solar arrays which can be seen from an observation point and therefore potentially reflect an image of the Sun;
  3. Use a computer model, described below, to track the path of the Sun and determine if there are days of the year and times of the day when a solar specular reflection may be seen from a particular location.