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Technical Operation of Solar Farms
It is widely acknowledged that Technical Management of Solar Farms forms the foundation for successful solar energy projects, because only well supervised and maintained solar panels and electrical equipment (e.g inverters)  with a high technical availability assure investors the forecasted profits.

In this sense the Technical Management offered by AEOLIKI Ltd comprises of the following

  • 24h acquisition of solar farm operational characteristics;
  • Verification of power production on a monthly basis comprising the calculation of the energy loss due to deviation of the operational power production from the warranty power production;
  • Detection of the performance change of individual solar panels due to dirt, cloud cover, shadow effect etc. . Recommendation for panel washing;
  • Calculation of energy loss due to break downs, maintenance and repair;
  • Creation of databank with climatological and operational characteristics of the solar farm (i.e. mean monthly solar radiation, cloud cover, wind speed, temperature and pressure ranges etc)
  • Verification of the technical availability;
  • Acquisition of the panel history;
  • Solar farm inspection on a regular basis;
  • Optimization of solar farm performance;
  • Supervision of service teams