AEOLIKI has an extensive experience in the development, organisation, and delivery of training courses in the fields of environment, energy and management systems. The company has offered many pioneer-training courses in the above mentioned fields. Worth noting is the seminar on the Eco-Labeling Scheme which was the driving force for the preparation of the first non-European Union company for the award.

AEOLIKI has offered more than 50 seminars in Cyprus, and Greece during the past ten years.

The list of AEOLIKI's seminars includes :

  • Environmental Audit and Strategy (4 days);
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (2 days);
  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 & EMAS) (3 days);
  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems (1 day);
  • Integrated Management Systems for the Chemical Industries (2 days);
  • Integrated Management Systems (2 days);
  • Environmental Management Systems in the Hotel Industry (1 day);
  • Eco Labeling Scheme (2 days);
  • Environmental Pollution Control(2 days);
  • Energy Management Programs for Industry (2 days);
  • Combined Heat and Power for Industry (1 day);
  • Combined Heat and Power for Hotels (1 day);
  • Renewable Energy Sources (2 days);
  • Environmental Management in oil and gas exploration and production (3 days);
  • ADR – Training of persons involved in the transport of dangerous goods by road (2 days)